A Quick Guide to Carpet Care

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Can’t Stop Sneezing? Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Heating and cooling systems are a necessity, especially for homes located in a place with four distinct seasons and temperature extremes. While these systems are efficient in cooling and heating a home, they tend to collect a lot of dust and dirt despite having filters installed, inevitably bringing them around the house through their vents and ducts.

Along with dust and dirt, your HVAC’s forced air components could be bringing different things with it like dust mites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, allergens, and more. If you find yourself sneezing uncontrollably and your allergies acting up a lot, then maybe it’s time to have professionals step in and clean up your ducts.

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, having your ducts cleaned helps improve indoor air quality as it removes most of the dust that gets circulated around your home. For example, the NADCA says that in a six-room home, a duct can accumulate up to 40 pounds of dust in a year. This dust buildup would then be re-circulated 5 to 7 times in a day, tickling your noses, making you itchy, and triggering your allergies.

Through duct cleaning, dust accumulation could be prevented, and ducts and vents could be sanitized, eliminating any harmful elements that could harm your health.

Tips for Allergy-Proofing Your House

For an unhygienic household, allergy season is year-round, since bacteria essentially hold a permanent residence just as much as the residents. You need to be able to clean your house in a way that it’s free of most allergens. The first step is to prevent any chances that might make your family members’ allergy act up.

Start with the bedroom, since your family spends and average of six to eight hours a day here. Buy hypo-allergenic mattresses and pillows to replace your old ones. Be sure to wash the sheets often to keep them from becoming a marketplace of different types of harmful bacteria and viruses. You should also have your bedroom checked for bedbugs and dust mites while you’re at it.

If you can, opt for hardwood floors without carpets, since these things attract a whole lot of microorganisms and diseases that might be detrimental to your family’s health. If you don’t want to get rid of your trusty carpet, vacuum it often and have it deep cleaned every few months.

Doormats aren’t just for decorative purposes; they make excellent buffer points between your home and the ground outside. Teach your family to wipe their shoes properly before stepping on your floor or carpet so as to keep them from letting in all sorts of germs throughout your house.

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Important

Carpets enhance the aesthetic appearance of a room when spread over the floor. Along with their visual appeal, however, carpets also absorb dust and dirt. In fact, millions of microscopic dust mites live in carpet fibres. The protein found in the body parts of these tiny creatures is airborne and can trigger allergies in humans, thereby creating health problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep a carpet clean at all times to avoid health ailments. Cleaning carpets eliminates offensive odours, prevents the formation of molds and fungal particles in the material, removes dust and allergens and maintains carpet quality. Having a clean carpet also means enjoying clean air and decreasing one’s chances of having skin allergies or contracting diseases such as eczema or asthma. Moreover, proper carpet cleaning means reducing infections that may harm pets.

To ensure clean carpets, hiring a professional and reliable carpet cleaner is a must. Carpet cleaning companies are fully equipped to clean dirty carpets. They have all the tools and machines needed to provide a professional cleaning job. As a specialist, their team should have the knowledge and skills to handle different types of carpets. Whether it’s wool or nylon, these carpet cleaning experts would know exactly what to do to prevent permanent damage.

A Quick Guide to Carpet Care

Carpets can add colour and life to a plain room. Taking care of it and maintaining its cleanliness, however, can be a bit of a pain. Even a long time spent vacuuming cannot remove all the dirt and soil particles that may have fallen into the carpet’s depths.

The most effective way, of course, is try to keep it clean as best as possible. It would help to keep doormats ready, or better yet, you can also ask family members to remove their shoes before entering a carpeted room. It’s also recommended that vacuuming be made a regular chore so as not to let any dirt particles become deeply embedded into the material, which would only make them more difficult to remove. To be able to get rid of most of the dirt, you need to invest in a good vacuum machine.

You need only remember two basic things when vacuum shopping or renting: choose one that’s easy to operate, and get the best possible machine within your price range that uses high efficiency particle arresting (HEPA) filters to keep all the dirt particles in the machine and not send them floating back into the air.

Of course, vacuuming is not an easy task, and if done so carelessly, may just leave you with a carpet that was hardly cleaned. If too tedious a chore, you can always hire a cleaning professional whose quality equipment and hands-on experience can remove those stubborn dirt and stains that keep giving you trouble.

Puppies Doing a Number on Your Carpets? Time to look for Carpet Cleaning in Ottawa

Owning a puppy is an exhilarating experience. These little balls of fur are really adorable, and their excitable nature is infectious. But it can be challenging to train them, especially on where you want them to do their business. While they’re still learning the ropes, expect nasty stains and odors on your floor and carpets.

Carpet cleaning on homes with pets is trick as well. On one hand, urine smells and stains are hard to remove from carpets, so you’ll have to use strong chemicals to subdue them. On the other, using strong chemicals can damage carpets and fumes can endanger your pets. It’s a good thing that companies that offer carpet cleaning in Ottawa like Enviropure use the green cleaning method; that is, using mild and toxin-free substances to effectively clean and remove traces of dirt and odor from your carpets.

So the next time your puppy does a number on your carpet, consider calling the experts on carpet cleaning to protect both your pet and your carpet.

Breath Easier by Hiring Duct Cleaning Services in Ottawa

If your home gets too dusty despite constant cleaning, chances are that your air vents will have to be cleaned. Unfortunately, this part of the house is easily overlooked because HVAC systems are placed in areas that are not easily accessible. Regardless, it is important that they are regularly cleaned to ensure good indoor air quality and to protect your family, particularly ones that have allergic reactions to dust and other particles.

Not sure where to start? Then it is best to hire professional help from reputable companies that specialize on duct cleaning in Ottawa like Enviropure. They make sure that your air ducts and ventilation are in top shape and free from dust, debris and moisture to prevent further contamination that may lead to health complications. And with their green cleaning methods, you’re sure that the chemicals they use are toxin-free.

Of course, you should also do your part. Regularly cleaning filters keep your air vents functional and helpful longer.