A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Ducts

The air duct is where the air within your house passes through when you’re using your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Failure to clean it regularly will cause dust to accumulate, which will then be blown into your home. This is the reason why you sometimes notice that your furniture seems to often have dust, and some of you in the house start to sneeze and cough.

To clean the duct, remove the vent cover on the wall or ceiling. The vents are most likely as dirty as your ducts so you need to clean them, too. This is definitely not be a simple DIY cleaning job so it’s better to call professionals in for a more efficient job. Unless, of course you want to go to your crawl spaces to vacuum all the dirt.

Usually, the dirt that accumulates in the ducts are caused by unclean filters on your HVAC system. While cleaning filters will help reduce the dirt, it would be better to replace them with new ones. Simply washing them is not a good idea as they become more susceptible to dust after years of use.

Remember that clean ducts will give you clean air at home, so schedule duct cleaning regularly.


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