Carpet Etiquette: Remove Shoes and Keep Socks On

Rule number one in carpet etiquette: remove your shoes before entering someone’s home. Dirt and grime should be left at the foyer, and should never be transferred to the carpet. However, for health reasons, ask the visitors to keep their socks on while they’re inside the home. At the very least, offer them some indoor slippers to wear while they’re inside. Just make sure to clean them after use.

In many cases, taking off shoes before entering a home is seen as good manners—in addition to keeping dirt and bacteria off the carpet. Without these house rules, outdoor dirt and grime will find its way into your carpet, which will only add to your cleaning burden. In addition, taking off shoes while keeping socks on benefits visitors, as it prevents their feet from contracting lethal bacteria. In Singapore, there was a recent case concerning a woman who had warts growing out of one foot after walking barefoot.

Just imagine how much you’d save on carpet cleaning costs if you’d politely asked your visitors to take their shoes off in exchange for indoor slippers. It’s not a sign of rudeness; since they’re the visitors, they’re obligated to respect your wishes. On the other hand, you’ll need to do your guests a favor by having your carpet cleaned regularly. This will safeguard the health of your home’s occupants as well.


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