Steps to Correct Carpet Cleaning

There’s a way to clean the carpet and a way to properly clean it. A vacuum cleaner, no matter how frequently it runs on the carpet surface, can’t remove deep-seated dirt and odor effectively. The usual recommendation is to call cleaning professionals to give the floor spread some serious disinfection. This could put a homeowner’s mind at ease for several months. However, if you’re up to the tedious task, here are the steps in deep-cleaning carpets.

First, get a steamer or wet cleaner machine from your local hardware or cleaning store. Get the cleaning products out for one intense shampooing of the carpet. Before proceeding to the next course, make sure the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed.

Once the vacuum cleaner has been stored in its rightful place, spray traffic lane cleaner solution (otherwise known as the pre-spray) on the carpet. Pay particular attention to spots dirtier than the others and spray or, better yet, pour an abundant amount of the solution on them.

After filling the steamer with hot tap water, begin cleaning the carpet using a shampoo product that’s not too harsh to prevent damage to the carpet material. Let the carpet dry overnight and don’t let family members walk on it until moisture has fully evaporated.


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