Of Super Villains, Air Ducts, and Cleaning

One big mistake all movie villains seem to make is not having the foresight to secure their air ducts. It’s the perfect invitation to the protagonist: a conveniently concealed passage running throughout the evil base and having an opening where the damsel in distress is held hostage. If only the super villains had their ducts cleaned regularly, then someone (a cleaner) might have found out about the “clever” good guy plan. The bad guy might have won in the end.

Then again, even if they were going to win, it probably wouldn’t be because they cleaned their ventilation system. Still, dirty ducts are an actual problem in real life; they hide tiny super villains such as dust mites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. While you may not be living the spy life and beating up bad guys, you can still conquer real-life threats by calling in a professional for duct cleaning.

Air ducts may seem like a very trivial thing to be concerned about, but rest assured they’re not. There are many benefits to having them cleaned, from lowering utility bills to ensuring a healthier you. In the end, you’re unlikely to find people lurking inside your ventilation; but you may find dust bunnies. You definitely want to get rid of those.


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